Yoga Discovery Lesson for free

Discover in 30 minutes, without leaving home: Who Be Queerful is, How it will benefit you & What lesson(s) fit your budget and personality.

Group Lessons

Queerful Cruise

Discover the galaxies your mind has to offer and create flexibility with little movement. Go beyond muscles and welcome fascia: a magical tissue that connects everything within your body.

If you know of “Yin” or “Restorative Yoga“, this is your thing.

Queerful Yoga

Become the space explorer of your own body. Learn muscle foundations and how movement & breathing offer strength, flexibility and focus.

Start here if  “Downward Facing Dog” and “Chaturanga” sound like abracadabra,
or if “Hatha Yoga” is your type of practice.

Queer-Full Throttle

Ignite your physical fire and release your busy mind. Expect sequences of poses that target muscle strength & flexibility and visualise meditation through movement.

If you’ve heard about “Vinyasa“, “Ashtanga” or “Power Yoga” and look for extra spice, then this is for you.

Private Lessons

Get in touch for a personalised journey  to focus on e.g. expressing your masculine/feminine/non-binary gender identity or improving muscle mobility after surgery. OR maybe you’d like to follow yoga together with a (far away) lover/friend in an intimate setting. Simply ask and we’ll arrange it.

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What Is Be Queerful?

Be Queerful is the first LGBTQIA+ and non-binary yoga studio of The Netherlands, where you discover what it means to feel happy, confident and relaxed in mind & body.

Is Be Queerful For Me?

Be Queerful celebrates body positivity and is an inclusive space for bodies of all genders, sexualities, shapes and colours. You're also welcome if you suffer from any (medical) conditions.

How Do I Sign Up?

Start with a free discovery lesson. In 30 minutes you won't only find out whether Be Queerful is right for you, but you'll receive personalised advice on which lessons fit your goals & personality.

How Do I Prepare?

Wear comfortable clothing, have a bottle of water nearby and roll out your yoga mat or prepare a chair. For online lessons: click the Zoom-link that you received by e-mail (check the spam folder).

How Do Zoom Lessons Work?

Your practice and community come straight to you, without you having to leave the home. Open your email, read what you need to prepare and click the Zoom-link. It's okay to leave your video and audio off.

How Long Do Lessons Take?

Be Queerful schedules an hour for a yoga lesson (unless mentioned otherwise). It consists of 50 minutes practice and 10 minutes extra to have a chat or ask questions.


A cheerful gift, not just for you

Everyone knows somebody who can use a little extra support. Show a friend, family, acquintance or stranger that you care about them with a Be Queerful gift card. Or give one as a present to a lover, or yourself.

Queerful Yoga Discovery

This free online lesson is for people of any gender, sexuality, shape & colour to overcome shame & self doubt so you'll find the cheer in being queer

You deserve to be yourself without question and I'd like to guide you on that path. If you're interested in joining, click the button below to get started.

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Sat -Sun: 12.00 - 14.00



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