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I’m Asa & strive for a world without shame about our (queer) bodies… You too?

What is yoga
at Be Queerful?

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Group Lessons

Many of us have been bullied & taught in school that we’re bad at sports & movement.
Here we connect with a community of queer artists, BIPOC musicians, non-binary Christians, polyamorous UX-designers and more to (re)discover how movement isn’t scary and that it does magical things to your brain & body.

Increasing muscle strength, improving flexibility and calming a turbulent mind. These group lessons have it all 😀 

Private Lessons

Follow a tailored programme by an experienced & trained expert who worked with people of different backgrounds.

Pick a time of your choosing and imagine programmes like: “expressing your gender identity“; “get set for surgery”; “back in shape after surgery”; “gender euphoria“, “overcome body dysmorphia” and much more! Getting in touch is the first step.

Why people join

I started following weekly lessons at Be Queerful in February 2021. They are done straight from my own living room! At first, I did group lessons but moved on to private lessons together with my partner.

I was scared of sports, but Asa makes me feel safe and at ease. It’s possible to be myself in all my queerness. Moreover, I feel accepted despite a chronically ill body and Asa always finds modifications that help me get the best out of the practice. That is why I recommend everyone to join yoga at Be Queerful!

Els van Vessem


For years I was opposed to yoga because I didn’t consider myself flexible enough. Thanks to Asa my negative self-beliefs changed.

By now I am more aware of my body and realised how good stretching and meditation is for relieving stress levels. It’s also great to be able to do that in a queer-friendly environment.

Kai Smits

PhD. student , Tilburg University

For me it was really a blessing to partake, one of the things I wrote down for 2021 was that I would really love for there to be a queer place established, where we could do yoga, meditations, learn about holistic lifestyle, hear about gender/sexuality. Be Queerful came along at the perfect moment.

I, as trans, really do not feel at ease exercising around cis straight, especially not when I do not know them, since I want to have a good time instead of being on guard.

And having a chronic illness causes me to not keep up at times, but these Zoom yoga lessons really get rid of that barrier. So, thanks!


I did not see myself stepping into a yoga studio, but since it’s online I felt confident to do yoga and immediately noticed a positive change in my body and mind.

Asa is a great yoga instructor whose lessons make you laugh, feel good and accepted no matter what background you’re coming from. I wholeheartedly recommend  you to give it a try and experience it yourself.

J.P. de Lugt

Chairman Pride and Sports

As a Christian queer & non-binary person, I feel very welcome at Be Queerful. I’m also happy that the lessons are unique and not about getting in difficult poses, sanskrit names and ‘namaste-vibes’.

Asa is very clear in explaining and it’s very easy to follow along. I suffer from several illnesses but the online setting gives me freedom to listen to my body and removes the pressure to perform. There is a positive vibe and that makes me feel valued.

Marieke v.d. Zand*

Tolk, *assumed name to protect identity

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When to follow lessons?


Date Yoga

08.00 pm – 09.00 pm*



Queerful Yoga

08.00 pm – 09.00 pm


Private Yoga

08.00 am – 09.00 am

Times are Central European Standard Time (CET)

** Private & Date Yoga are scheduled at a time of your own choosing.

What is it worth?

Take a deep inhale… then exhale out through the mouth… and feel the immediate reward of a little relaxation.

You can follow one yoga lesson to gain some physical & mental reward. But, commit yourself for longer and you will receive financial rewards up to a 30% discount!

Be Queerful is more than yoga,
it’s awareness of diversity, intersectionality & community.




Queerful Yoga Discovery

This free online lesson is for people of any gender, sexuality, shape & colour to overcome shame & self doubt so you'll find the cheer in being queer

You deserve to be yourself without question and I'd like to guide you on that path. If you're interested in joining, click the button below to get started.

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